finger pointing to the Moon

So in this world,
everything can be given to you through force;
only truth can not be, because truth can never become slavery.
The very nature of truth is freedom.
So truth is the only thing in this world
which nobody can give you forcefully, which nobody
can thrust upon you, which cannot be put upon you
from the outside like clothing;

for which your willingness,
your openness,
your receptivity,
your invitation,
your heart full of gratitude are the prerequisites.

If your heart becomes like the earth
before the rainy season
when it is thirsty for water
and develops wide cracks
due to the parching summer heat–
as if it has opened up its lips here
and the reanticipating the rains–

then the truth enters you.

Otherwise the truth turns back even from your very doorstep.
Many times it has turned back – in many, many life times.

(OSHO: Finger Pointing to the Moon)

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