An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind (Mahatma Gandhi)

If we remember 9/11, we still need to find out the truth and accept it. Then we should proceed to remember the millions of deaths that occurred afterwards in Iraq, Afghanistand, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Libya as the comprehensive package of getting resources, the elephant on the wall. We will need to reframe this debacle as non religious, but plainly as one of resources. The trauma is real in NYC and for that, who can fault people for that? But the multiple traumas that happened afterwards; invasion of Iraq, bombing/killing innocent civilians, allowing sectarian strife to resurface and facilitate more killing, returning veterans with ptsd, aiding and abetting Pakistani military under the guise of aid giving them military capabilities…that should be remembered as well. That said, do not hold your breath. Propaganda is an excellent tool and very easily managed in a society such as this. The only voices against the official story do not receive coverage and if so, are ridiculed. If it weren’t for the internet, those voices would not be heard at all.

By the way 90% Afganis never heart of 11/9. It makes you think.

And also … every ten minutes 3000 children in the world die from starvation and nobody says anything about it, why?

9/11 casualties: 2,977 deaths, +6,000 injured

“War on Terror” casualties:

Iraqi civilians: +100,000 deaths (lowest estimate) +900,000 deaths (highest estimate)
Afghan civilians: +8,000 deaths (lowest estimate) +45,000 deaths (highest estimate)
Iraqi Troops: +30,000 deaths
Afghan troops: +8,000 deaths
Coalition troops: +6,000 deaths

RIP 9/11 victims
RIP Coalition soldiers
RIP Iraqi & Afghan civilians & troops

…and don’t forget the millions of people affected by these conflicts who have been injured, displaced and lost everything. Please repost. Peace.


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