The concept of Surya is a symbol of radiance, knowledge, enlightenment and justice as also for time, space and universal order. Surya, as Sun God is rooted in tradition since Vedic times. It is an integral part of Indian living culture and crosses all religious, state and national boundaries. The imposing sight of the Lord of Universe resplendent in cooper and gold responds to the impressive architecture volume and it is a fitting tribute to the spirit of India.

The inspiration for this sculpture is from India´s richest past, especially the magnificent 11th century Chola bronzes of the South India which are unsurpassed in their grandeur. This sculpture the tradition forward in spirit, but it is interpreted in a contemporary way… something deeply rooted in the past, but looking to the future with an open mind.

The lotus motif and the fire symbol used as a part of the concept represents the Solar Calendar.

At the base there are rows of 7 lotuses to represent the seven days of the week. There are 24 flames forming the halo signifying 24 hours of the day. On the crown there are 12 flames representing months. The two earrings show the summer and winter equinoxes. The golden flame at the top of the crown represents one complete year. On the rear, around the central solar disc are 60 small flames denoting seconds and minutes. Seen from the rear, this sculpture appears like a jet tribune, propelling the modern chariot of the sky in perpetual motion through the world.

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