India is a country located in Asia, known to be home to approximately 1.3 billion people, as of 2020. The country is known to be diverse and rich in culture which is still preserved by the people to date. Unlike many other countries that have been influenced by the west either due to the notion of modernization, or colonization, India has managed to retain plenty of its ancient practices to date which is appreciated by everyone in the country. When planning a trip to India, you will definitely be spoilt for choice on where to start, but certain things are a must-try.

The people of India are warm-hearted

The people of India are warm-hearted and are welcoming to foreigners who come to visit. Indians consider it to be a big honor to have guests in their home, They would even go above and beyond to please the guests, not to receive praise from them but so that they may feel satisfied at heart. This has led to an increase in homestays in India, where the locals would host internationals for some time, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to experience this hospitality. Such relations build our social connections, making the bond between humans stronger, and strengthening the sense of humanity in individuals. Foreigners could even learn a thing or two from those locals and apply them back at home, where necessary. This also helps in pumping money into the countries’ economy, and more importantly, improves the living of the locals since they would earn from this venture.

India As A Travel Destination

Food in India is another reason to consider visiting the country. They pose a good variety of local cuisines, each cooked with a unique taste that meets the expectations of people who are all about flavor. Indians are known to cook most of their meals using chili, some having it in plenty while others having it mild. Some of its dishes have been exported to other parts of the world like kebab, fish curry, chicken tikka, and biryani.

In earlier centuries, the Mughal kings in India used to live luxurious lives. With modernization, that form of governance has died, and we now have a president with his assistants. The government turned the dwelling places and spaces of those kings into 5-star hotels, high-end restaurants, aimed to attract the foreign market to experience a taste of the former Indian royalty. Some of these places are quite the catch, located in the middle of water bodies.

Whenever you are selecting a travel destination, the nature of the place is always top of the list of things to be considered. India boasts of being rich in a green healthy environment, with plenty of animals to be explored. This place is a good travel destination, with many more areas to explore.