All people have their beliefs and practices that make them be seen differently from the rest. The people from India have their practices that leave the rest to wonder, but for them, it’s their way of life as well as what matters to them most. The following reasons are trying to explain why Indians detest travel, unlike other people who travel across the world. Most of it though is attributed to their culture than economics plus other factors.

Indians are culturally rooted people who established their religions, namely Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhism. These religions have influenced their way of life, and they feel left out when they travel to foreign areas. Their belief is that they cannot feast on meat, whereas most hotels serve meat and drinks. Indians’ way of life also forbids smoking and drinking, they feel by staying at their home gives them the freedom to freely practice their customs.

A family is a basic unit

The economy of the country is still developing, hence, Indians are raised with a saving culture that makes them save a little of what was earned want for the future. Indian is a working nation, and its citizens have chosen work over leisure. Indians work tirelessly at most times of the year to make their ends meet, subsequently, depriving them of the opportunity to travel to new places.

A family is a basic unit of society, and a strange thing with Indians is that these individuals value their families. That is one of the reasons why Indians would rather stay at home with family than travel if they have to do it, then it would be within their country to meet their family. Another thing that may make Indians be reluctant to travel is their big families, Indians have families that average about 10 members, which accordingly, makes it difficult to meet the logistics of touring.

Lessons taught from their predecessors, Indians

Touring abroad is still hard for most Indians since their currency is not strong compared to the dollar, consequently, makes it extortionately expensive to travel abroad. The Indian rupee currency is constantly faced with inflation as well as devaluation making it fluctuate globally. A good percentage of Indians are poor from the statistics, consequently, limiting them to activities like touring.

Lessons taught from their predecessors, Indians like to invest in property or stock markets with their extra cash. Indians do not see the importance of taking money to travel across the world. The lessons learned during the early stages play a major role in their lives since Indians use them to make key decisions. Another reason why Indians hate traveling is the struggle you have to pass through while accessing the visa to be cleared to travel to foreign lands. The departments of immigration, which are responsible for clearing them from traveling are reluctant to do that in time.

Reasons Why Indians Hate Travelling

Their state size is large which makes it necessary to be self-sufficient for all the needs its citizen requires. India is the fourth largest country, making it a feature among the biggest countries, the fact that it is large suggests that it has an opportunity to provide almost anything its citizens will need. The nation is geographically placed at one end of the world, consequently, making it difficult to navigate to other areas from such a position.

Spirit of adventure for the Indians is low, this can because of their cultural practices which denies them to try anything they see especially food. Indians are reserved people who like to stay at their homes as big families, but if Indians have to travel they do not want to leave anyone at home they want to travel with the entire family. It is not within the things that an Indian will be dreaming about to visit another country all through their life. Most of them view traveling as a useless activity, and Indians would rather stay at their homes doing some online jobs than traveling.

There are so many good places ranging from big cities such as Delhi and Mumbai to the Himalayas mountains toward the border. This offers the Indians an alternative to traveling, consequently, finding it difficult to travel to other places. Indians also encourage homestay during holidays, consequently, making them refuse the idea of going to stay in a hotel where you have to pay expensive bills. If you travel to India you will be hosted by a family for a homestay which promotes a good understanding of their culture as well as making new friends with the guests, unfortunately, the other places have not yet implemented such strategies.