Moving to Switzerland from Asia comes with tremendous cultural shock because of the stark difference between how people in these two countries live. The most significant impact you will feel having moved from Asia is the increase in cost of living. Swiss residents are not used to economic exploitation, their minimum wages are relatively high. This is reflected in the pricing of goods and services, a person will find things much cheaper in Asia when compared to Europe. Since minimum wages are lower in the East, prices of basic commodities are fairly cheap. The rate of pay significantly goes up in the Swiss country since workers need to be paid more to sustain the high cost of living.

Swiss residents have a formal outlook

Swiss residents have a formal outlook towards life and tend to have a formal outlook towards life. This is observed in the high regard they have towards rules and regulations. In everyday life, Swiss people view rules as mandatory guidelines they have to live by. When compared with Asians, Asians appear to be laxer in following the laws. It would seem outrageous for a person to fail to follow set rules since it is normal in their country to live by the rule of law.

The Cultural Shock of Moving from Switzerland to Asia

Democracy is more prevalent in Switzerland in comparison to Asia. As a result of direct democracy, the Swiss feel every citizen is entitled to an opinion on how affairs are run. In Asia, there is a more authoritative approach by lawmakers that holds the opinions of citizens in low regard. A person moving to Europe from an Asian country would find their freedoms of expression on many matters as a shocking phenomenon since it differs from the norm of reality in Asia. The residents are protective of their rights and freedoms as enshrined in their constitution.

In Switzerland, residents do not move around a lot. This is because these residents live a fairly conservative life, with the majority of them living in a rural setting. The second largest city in Switzerland is home to a mere 300,000 people. In Asia, the situation is different, with more people populating urban centers in their search for better lives. Moving from a rural area to an urban region is more hectic in Asia since these two regions are often far apart. In Switzerland, moving from a rural area to an urban setting takes a matter of minutes as it is only a short drive.