Vacations are a dream come true to adventurous people who just want to get time faraway from work. Spending time away with your loved ones is the best activity to do in life. This is opposite to Indian nationalities who believe in different scenarios other than this one.

With a population of about two billion people, India is a country that its citizens don’t like to travel. The outcome was surprising because you’d expect such a large country should have more vacations than any other. Just 27% of India’s population prefer to go on vacation compared to 64% who would rather stay at home. Experts have tried finding out the major reasons why Indians wouldn’t want to travel to various destinations and have fun.

Besides not being important, Indians value

The first reason why Indians don’t like traveling is that it’s never that important. Indians see themselves as busy people who should work and fend for their families. Going on vacation meals losing a chance to cater to those who meal the world to you. It also means wasting money which should be put into useful activity. Communities believe you have to work hard to earn each penny and wasting it on fun is not a good idea. That’s why Indians prefer to stay and home to save that hard-earned cash for future use. They’ll also keep working day and night to save as much money as possible for their future.

Besides not being important, Indians value saving their cash more than spending it elsewhere. Conditions, where citizens of a particular country prefer saving to fun, are not only in India but in most developing nations. Developing nations are still growing and saving is the order of the day to survive. Going on vacations in these countries is seen as a luxury that many cannot afford. It’s believed that spending that cash means washing it down the drain where it never comes back again. To avoid such an occurrence, saving is highly done by Indians to prevent wastage.

Another reason why Indians don't like

Again, about 350 million Indians live below the poverty line recommended by the World Health Organization. 350 million is a large number which is impossible to ignore because they are almost larger than the entire United States population. With such a low-income population in place, you don’t expect them to go on vacation every time. India’s poor population survives on a dollar each day which is low compared to the United States. Basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing are important to Indians citizens. Once they don’t have these three basic needs in place, then there is no need of going on fancy vacations.

Another reason why Indians don’t like traveling is they lack a spirit of adventure. Residents of India are not the most adventurous people compared to other nationalists from different nations. Australians have and Americans are listed as the nations with people who love traveling to discover new things in their lives. This is opposite to Indians who don’t have the urge to travel burning inside them. They are family-oriented guys who prefer staying at home to take care of their families and businesses. Traveling means leaving those you love behind to go and have fun that not key.

Why Indians Don't Like Traveling

Similarly, loneliness is another contributor to Indians not going on tours. They believe it’s good to go with someone that you love to enjoy your trips far from home. This belief is common to the youths who make up the largest community of Indian populations. Companionship is crucial in India as it’s a country with the lowest divorce rates. As a result, they have someone who is there for life and make memories with them. It’s therefore hard for Indians to go on tours alone without that special person in their lives.

Traveling helps relieve the mind of certain issues this leaving the body feeling fresh. Different citizens from different nationalities understand this concept and that’s why they love tours. Good times to go for holidays include Easter, Summer, Valentine’s Day Christmas Day. Indian government should put measures in place to ensure more of its citizens travel more for a new experience as well as opportunities. Opportunities are important in life because they bring a breakthrough when you least expect it. Creating chances comes mostly when you leave your comfort zone and try different ideas.