Never-Ending Footsteps is a travel blog with exciting articles as the writer regularly gets involved in an incident that she enjoys sharing. Whenever Lauren travels, an accident must occur, but her misfortunes help her create fascinating stories for her audience. She is free to share her expenses which can help a reader effectively budget for their trip.

Another good travel blog is the Uncornered Market which contains exciting stories about the experience of the authors. Dan and Audrey share the experiences that travelers can face as they interact with travelers they meet. Their blogs focus on the cultural travel and sustainability issues that people experience. All stories in the Uncornered Market blog focus on the people rather than the places of visits. They take incredible photos that conform with their articles, giving a reader an understanding of hosts from a particular destination.

Alex in Wanderland is a blog

Legal Nomads is a travel blog that focuses on the food and culture that the author experienced as they travel. The best travel blog as the writer, Jodi, devotes her time to taking mouthwatering pictures of the food on the road. Readers will discover the different foods that they can find in specific places by reading through her blogs. A person will also appreciate other people’s culture as Jodi focuses on the key aspects that differentiate the cultures of people. You will find the traveling tips and resources that will make your travel easier.

Alex in Wanderland is a blog that is created by Alex, who is a photographer that loves traveling. In these blogs, you will get tips on diving, given that Alex is a dive specialist. A reader will find great tips that can be used when they go swimming on their journey. The great photos make the blog stand out as the stories conform with them, giving a reader a great experience. Travelers will find that the travel stories in the blog have a humorous nature that will make them enjoy reading them.

Hey Nadine is a blog from

The Blond Abroad is a fascinating blog that will showcase the fashion you can adhere to while on your journey. Kiersten focuses on clothes that women can wear on their trips, giving them a comfortable journey. She gives tips that will help women reduce the stress of picking the right clothes to carry on their journey. Her blogs will make it easy for a lady who wishes to travel to know what to pack and avoid. Even though she majorly focuses on women, a traveler can still find helpful information to guide them through their journey.

Hey Nadine is a blog from a traveler who enjoys documenting her experience as she travels. Nadine stands out because her blogs contain videos that will make you feel like you are at the destination with her. She makes entertaining videos making her the best travel vlogger which she links her videos on her YouTube account through her blogs. Nadine utilizes her filmmaking abilities to ensure that her audience feels the way she feels at her destination. This is the best blog for travelers as not only will they find exciting photos but also have videos incorporated in her blog and YouTube channel that will help you find the best destinations that you can visit. With her videos being available, you will notice the content you would not have noticed on a photo.

Why These Are the Best Travel Blogs

View from the Wing blog gives readers an analysis of the industry and information on the airline opportunities you can utilize. Gary shares information on the loyalty programs that different airlines offer their travelers. This makes it the best travel blog as you will find rewarding opportunities that you can utilize when you wish to travel. You will have a greater understanding of how the airlines operate, helping you make the right decision when choosing airlines to use.

Wandering Earl is the best travel blog as the writer goes to places that people rarely visit. He helps readers discover exciting places that a traveler would never have visited. What makes Earl’s blogs stand out is that he tells the raw facts about his experience at a specific place. When you read Earl’s blogs, you will have a clear picture of a visited place. He provides honest information that a reader will find useful before visiting a place. A writer does not focus on the positive side of a place he visited but rather gives a clear picture of what he experienced while at a place, including all negative moments.